Fredon are now an official distributor of uHoo Aura, the best in class commercial Environmental Air Quality Sensors.

Access real-time data and actionable insights on the conditions of air quality and environmental factors in your workplace to ensure the safety, health and productivity of staff, clients and visitors to your facilities.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Control

The uHoo Aura Commercial Air Quality Monitor has the capacity to measure 13 environmental factors* plus a virus index and air quality index in occupied spaces.

Since the COVID19 outbreak there has been an increasing awareness of how air quality and other conditions can impact the health and wellbeing of building occupants. As a result many businesses are implementing strategies to improve the environmental quality in their workplace.


Relative Humidity

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Monoxide

Dust PM1

Dust PM2.5

Dust PM4

Dust PM10



Air Pressure

Virus Index



How can uHoo Aura help your business?

uHoo Aura is supporting the indoor environmental quality for tens of thousands of office buildings, schools, hotels, airports, manufacturing facilities and governments globally.

"Measured in detail, the points in the transition of air quality in each conference room was great. Facility management, which has been performed on a floor-by-floor basis, can now be managed more accurately. At our company, a uHoo device has been installed in each conference room and is linked to smart speakers. When CO2 level rises above a certain value, we have customized it so that the participants in the conference are notified and urged to ventilate the room on the spot."

Mr. Junichi WatanabeDX Production Innovation Headquarters

“uHoo has allowed Menarco to see the invisible, supporting our operations team to manage the building better using a data-driven management system instead of ‘gut feel.’ It equips us to maintain safe spaces and healthy tenants as a testament to our WELL Gold certification and health safety rating.”

Carmen Jimenez-OngFounder and CEO, Menarco Development Corporation

“Before using uHoo, I couldn't judge whether additional ventilation was necessary or not, but now that I can read the air quality data, I have more control. Optimal ventilation is now possible during winter without lowering the temperature of the kindergarten interior unnecessarily. I like the fact that we can monitor changes in the air quality in real-time. For example, when we start cleaning the kindergarten, the sensor reacts immediately, indicating that more ventilation is needed.”

Yuta SuzukiDeputy Headmaster of Shimizugaoka Kindergarten

“Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur is excited to be the first hotel in Malaysia to provide an allergy friendly guest room floor. We are proud to have upgraded all guest rooms on level 40 including the 252 sqm Alila Suite.”

Kamal MunasingheGeneral Manager, Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Clean air is just the beginning

Studies have shown that better indoor environmental quality reduces healthcare costs and absenteeism due to sick leaves, improves the health and productivity of occupants, minimizes liability issues for businesses and building owners, and increases the value of property assets over time.

Save Energy

Be more efficient with your energy consumption by optimising HVAC systems, lowering maintenance costs and preventing possible structural damage.

Increase Revenue

Maximise performance, and efficiency of your organisation through a more comfortable and healthier work environment.

Health Certifications

Achieve wellness and sustainability certifications such as LEED, WELL, RESET, and FITWEL, boosting your brand.

Centralised Dashboard

Manage and view all of your locations on one dashboard so that you can easily identify and address any air quality issues.

Real Time & Historical Data

Advanced analytics and proprietary uHoo IndicesTM provide valuable insights on trends and patterns to easily identify events that may have caused air quality issues so they can be prevented in the future.

Seamless Integrations

uHoo Aura can easily be integrated with any software or building management system. Integration allows automation of the building’s heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) system.

Alerts & Tips

Customised email and push notification alerts can be set up to help prioritise and take action on specific issues in your building.

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