Metronode Data Centre

Services: Installation, Engineering

Client: Metronode

Location: Mitchell, ACT

Design and construct electrical works to a challenging 5 month construction program. Power systems include redundancy, uninterruptible power supplies and N+1 backup generator systems. The project required precision heating, cooling and ventilation, allowing Metronode data centres to support high-power deployments. As a zero downtime facility, standards of construction were exacting and rigorous.

Power features:

  • N+1 block redundant plant room design
  • Dual busway power distribution throughout data halls
  • 2000kVA continuously rated generators
  • Onsite fuel storage for over 14 hours at full load with constant refill capability


  • Dual authentication access with iris scanning and proximity card access control
  • 24 x 7 security camera recording and digital archiving

The project won the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) ACT Excellence award for best Medium Commercial project, 2016.