Direct to client services for the long term

Client services and special projects services refers primarily to services provided direct to business owners, as opposed to through construction contracts, though it covers other special projects as well. Some of our client relationships reach back over 40 years.

These groups ensure successful project completion when undertaking small to medium size projects, State and National rollouts, and meeting the needs of our direct customers.

Client services include upgrades and additions to existing buildings.

Our national reach means that we can efficiently roll out upgrades and works across national networks as we have done, for instance, for the Department of Defence and other Federal Government agencies.

All works carried out by Fredon employees involve producing Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements associated with required tasks. These involve identifying any potential hazards on a procedural basis reducing risks to all parties.

Fredon’s services can easily be directly accessed by building owners or managers outside of an installation or subcontractor context. Our Client Services and Special Projects business specialises in the unique practical and budgetary challenges of condition reporting, upgrades, retrofitting buildings and similar. This includes regularly working with compressed timeframes and doing work within and around operational public and commercial environments.

Additionally however, it can leverage the full resources of our major projects installation and engineering expertise, which means the latest and greatest cost and energy efficient solutions are available for any scale of project.

Direct client relationships for the provisions of services and special projects can include seamless integration of installation, handover, ongoing proactive maintenance and upgrade works throughout the lifecycle of a site. These services are provided nationally and can involve personnel onsite contracted to provide a blend of services and maintenance for an integrated end to end solution.