Fredon is one of the leading national contractors for major installation projects. We work with construction companies across Australia and New Zealand on projects of considerable scale and complexity. Installation project management has been Fredon’s foundational core skill since 1968. Fredon leverages this experience with our unique expertise in each of our divisions. Our project management expertise is supported by our inhouse engineering team, who use modern software packages to design projects.

Quality assured management system

Fredon’s reputation for installation is based on our project management systems, scale and experience.

Our quality assurance system focuses on identifying and mitigating risk through independent verification and validation of both company and supplier systems.

Our scale and expertise come to the fore when timeframes must be compressed, or specifications evolve during the course of a project. Fredon has a strong record of supplier and logistics management.

We also bring to projects a practical resourcefulness which is a product of tight integration of project managers with engineering and design teams that have years of experience problem-solving from the perspective of active worksites.


Our expertise has given us responsibility for many multi-million dollar projects requiring project management and coordination of people, complex equipment, suppliers, and testing and commissioning to required standards.

Fredon regularly coordinates the activities of large numbers of subcontractors and plans tasks to meet tightly controlled time frames and budgetary constraints. Our project managers take primary project coordination roles for large complex projects, such as Data Centres, Sub Stations, Server Farms and large Communication Networks. It is regularly the case that our depth of experience and familiarity with our areas of expertise means that we can suggest significant cost savings and efficiency gains on projects that have already been specified in some detail.

We also assist our customers with the project coordination of financial planning, statutory requirements and the development of administrative systems.