One of Fredon’s core business strengths is maintaining successful long-term relationships with our clients and staff. It has formed the basis for sustained growth over 50 years, so that we are now one of the largest employers of hosted apprentices in Australia. We have been able to preserve our track record of client satisfaction while experiencing exceptional corporate growth by translating our founding values into a management system that guarantees quality.

Our management system

Our management system is based on our 3rd party certification for Quality (Global-Mark). For each process in the system there is an identified owner who is responsible for developing and reviewing the process. This means that in every aspect of our projects we are looking for ways to improve efficiency, value and workmanship as well as cost, environmental and safety outcomes.

Processes include tendering, engineering and design, project management, WHSE, purchasing and monitoring/evaluation/improvement.  Services include all electrical, data, communications and infrastructure.

Recent projects

RAAF East Sale Pilot Training School Data & Communications

RAAF East Sale Pilot Training School, LV Electrical Infrastructure and Services

The Explosive Ordnance Logistics Reform Program (EOLRP) – Mangalore

Latest news

October 1, 2021 in Electrical, Group, HVAC, News, NSW

Fredon now AEO Certified

Fredon are now certified as an Authorised Engineering Organisation with…
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