Fredon helps your organisation deliver ESG ambitions by engineering economically viable smart building solutions and services that enhance your operational efficiency, asset management and regulatory compliance. This coordinated approach leads to enhanced sustainability, environment and social outcomes which is accomplished through a unified approach to technology management and user engagement.

  • Environment – Augment or reduce energy consumption, integrate renewable energy, activate demand response programs, manage your circular economy
  • Social – Track, monitor and report on metrics important to community and governmental sentiment from QoS to greenhouse gas to noise and light pollution
  • Governance – Track, monitor, measure, report and collaborate in real-time your sustainability metrics to comply with Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010, Climate related financial reporting Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act) and performance benchmark programs
  • Sustainability –Reduce environmental impact of buildings, efficiently manage water, gas, electricity and other energy sources, identify areas for sustainable optomisation
  • Installation & Configuration – Metering, Power Quality, Uninterruptable Power Supply, Power Factor Correction, Generators, Renewable, Batteries, Electrical Services Networks, Integrated Communication Networks, Distributed Acoustic Fibre Systems

These are a some of the advantages when Fredon delivers a fully operational smart building system that securely connects the Internet of Things, applications, business processes, and people across its dependent physical, communications, and application layers.

Master Systems Integration

Fredon excels at integrating diverse technologies within complex digital ecosystems and at the heart of our approach is focus on our clients. We provide cohesive performance, diagnostic, management and control of connected hardware, software, and communication networks, each of which is customised to meet the specific needs of every client or project using industry standard open protocols, mitigating your risk when relying on single vendor technology.

To successfully diversify solutions and increase operational resilience, effective coordination is essential. Fredon assumes a central role in this process, leveraging RPEQ certified engineering to facilitate stakeholder collaboration across your project milestones and technology requirements. This includes managing systems integrators and subcontractors to ensure that every building automation, industrial control, or enterprise resource planning component integrates efficiently, leading to successful outcomes both financially and operationally.

With our extensive experience, we anticipate and meet clients’ needs and we take pride in our ability to provide custom solutions that enhance operations without compromising your data protection and security.
Fredon Engineers manages every aspect of a smart project from design to deployment and the comprehensive range of services and expertise we offer means Fredon is the ideal partner for delivering optimised turn-key solutions tailored to your unique requirements.


Fredon are certified as an authorised System Integrator and Reseller with Tridium, meaning Fredon can offer Tridium hardware and Niagara N4 software solutions. Tridium’s Niagara framework offers clients a comprehensive software platform connecting critical devices securely allowing control, device and data management. The Niagara framework is built on open protocols and standards which provide our clients with increased assurance that proprietary providers cannot match.

As an accredited ALE Network Expert Partner and Reseller, Fredon provide end-to-end communication network products and services to assist clients’ meet the demands of digitally connected infrastructure, smart buildings, campuses or cities. This alliance allows collaborative development and deployment of the physical, communications and application layers ensuring connectivity with Internet of Things (IoTs), applications, business processes and people on a unified intelligent network.