Rendezvous Hotel Podium

Services: Installation, Engineering

Client: Northerly Interiors

Cost: $2.8M

Location: Scarborough, WA

Fredon worked closely with the consultants and architects to deliver an evolving design specification. Fredon was able to take a collaborative approach while still meeting timelines. An added constraint was that the hotel remained fully functional during construction.

The project was notable for the extent to which technologies for building control were integrated and networked for ease of staff operation and presentation. The project required full redesign and installation of main switchboards and tenancy submains for future tenancy upgrades on The Esplanade, or for future tenants on The Esplanade. It included the latest in lighting control and AV technologies such as DMX Colour Changing, a Dali Dimmable system and controlled fittings and AV Scene controllers.


  • Supply and installation of Phillips Dynalite digital lighting control system including colour change controls and fittings
  • Supply and installation of Light fittings and associated cabling, mountings, switching and controls
  • Supply and installation of a Famco Monitored Exit and emergency lighting system
  • Supply and installation of Electrical services, Main switchboard upgrades and new Sub-mains
  • Supply and installation of Voice and data copper and optical fibre backbones
  • Supply and installation of MATV, audio, PA and AV systems