Brisbane International Terminal Baggage Makeup Area

Services: Installation

Client: Lendlease Construction

Location: Brisbane, QLD

The International Terminal Building Baggage Makeup Area Project is in response to the mandated requirement by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) Aviation and Maritime Security Division (AMS) to upgrade security screening levels at Australian Airports. These latest security screening requirements involve installing new screening equipment, known as Standard 3 (Std 3) technology. The project will deliver a significant reconfiguration and upgrade to the Baggage Handling Systems facilities and associated building works to provide enhanced threat detection in response to mandated requirements to realise strategic outcomes of Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC).

Lendlease have engaged Fredon QLD to demolish all existing electrical equipment to enable the demolition of the existing and installation of the new BHS equipment.

Fredon’s scope of works are:

  • Demolition of existing electrical equipment i.e. lighting, small power, emergency & exit lighting, cables, distribution boards
  • Reinstate existing lighting in new clash-free positions
  • Relocate existing luminaires
  • Examine the Lux levels and advise if the lighting needs to be enhanced to meet AS1680 & reinstate small power
  • Coordinate locations with BHS Contractor cognisant of the new BHS equipment to reinstate emergency and exit lighting in clash-free locations
  • Reinstate cable & cable containment and install new cabling & cable containment
  • Reinstate existing DB’s as needed
  • Connect sub mains power to new PDP boards on the mezzanine level platform
  • Lighting to Outdoor Conveyor
  • Supply and install new ICT infrastructure
  • Install new electrical equipment to enable the installation of the new BHS equipment
  • Modify MSB as required to provide 6 new circuit breakers to supply power to the new PDP DB’s on the new mezzanine level
  • Modify 6 existing compartments with new circuit breakers and energy meters & existing 200 Amp compartment with a 630 Amp circuit breaker
  • Supply new submains for the two new PDP distribution board with diverse power from MSB including new containment
  • Rearranging circuits and new feeds from existing Main Switchboards.

This project is scheduled for completion December 2025.