Cann Group Medicinal Cannabis Plant

Services: Installation, Engineering

Client: Qanstruct

Location: Mildura, VIC

As part of Cann Group’s vision to be a leading developer and supplier of medicinal cannabis products in Australia’s emerging medical cannabis industry, they built their third facility, a new large-scale production warehouse in Mildura, Victoria. 

The new facility, which is now operational, will allow Cann to cultivate and produce medicinal cannabis products and conduct research on the drug. It features a closed system micro climate-controlled glasshouse to optimise plant growth cycles and other integrated automation systems. The facility will produce approximately 12,500 kilograms of medicinal cannabis dry flower annually, with plans to expand to 50,000 kilograms.

Fredon completed the installation of the electrical communications and CCTV throughout the facility and the HV and LV exterior infrastructure, which consisted of HV step-up, and step-down transformers supplied to each of the greenhouse zonings. 

Other specific works included:

  • HV Installation & Design
  • HV testing and commissioning
  • LV MSB’s and DB installation & Design
  • Support building D&C lighting design
  • Clean room & pressurised room electrical fit out
  • PFC & HF installation
  • Integration with overseas electrical contractors

The project reached Practical Completion in March 2022. The first lot of commercial crops was harvested in July 2022.