Geelong Arts Centre

Services: Installation, Engineering

Location: Geelong, VIC

Geelong Arts Centre is a performing arts, functions, and events venue; a leader, connector and creator of extraordinary cultural experiences for local and global communities. The Victorian Government has backed the Geelong Arts Centre Little Malop Street Redevelopment with a $140m investment, as part of its commitment to supporting creative workers and businesses and strengthening the cultural and creative scene in Geelong and the surrounding region. On completion, it will be the largest regional arts centre in Australia.

The Geelong Arts Centre Little Malop Street Redevelopment will provide an innovative and flexible theatre, The Story House. Seating up to 550 patrons depending on mode and arrangement, or 850 in ‘flat floor gig mode’, the space offers a range of formats, including:  Traditional end on theatre, boasting balcony and circle levels, Thrust, Traverse and In The Round. With contemporary, varied and versatile seating layouts, that are also removable to reflect the space’s range of uses, The Story House maintains intimacy by removing the typical separation constraints of an auditorium and stagehouse found in a proscenium house, allowing the artistic content to rule.

A separate contemporary and uniquely creative collaboration space, The Open House seats up to 250 patrons, and has the ability to adapt to each user and performance needs by allowing for varying modes of operation and types of use (Thrust, End-On, Corner Stage). When not in use for performance, The Open House has the ability to open up and be used for a range of functions, community events, and other opportunities.

The new Geelong Arts Centre will also include an atrium plaza, additional dining options, a new Box Office, as well as new ‘back of house’ and administration facilities.

To facilitate the upgrade, Fredon were engaged to complete the following works:

› Comprehensive Venue & Foyer Cabling Infrastructure with Technical Plates & Patch Panels

› Dedicated Network with Wi-Fi for the Stage Lighting & Audio Visual Systems

› FOH Audio Systems with Delays & Associated Custom Rigging Frames

› Building Wide Public Address and Paging System with Relay Integration

› Audio Show Relay Systems with Interpreter Consoles and Hearing Augmentation

› Technical Intercom and Stage Communication Systems

› Video Show Relay Cameras, Displays, Patch bays, and Distribution Equipment

› Venue Wide IPTV & Marketing System with Relay Integration

› Stage Lighting Equipment & Lighting Dimmer Systems

› Work Light Control System with House Light Integration


Geelong Arts Centre will open to the public on Saturday 19 August, 2023.