Redcliffe Hospital Electrical Reticulation Renewal Project

Services: Installation, Engineering

Client: Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Cost: $6M

Location: Redcliffe, QLD

Redcliffe Hospital, located in the coastal town of Redcliffe, north of Brisbane, underwent a comprehensive upgrade of its electrical infrastructure.

As the Principal Contractor, Fredon implemented a whole of life electrical reticulation solution to solve the hospital’s previous manufacturing issues with sourcing spare parts.

The design and construct upgrade included the following works:

  • Design new Site Main Switchboard to support three transformers, two diesel and one gas turbine generators.
  • Design and Install new efficient Generator Control System which has the operational capacity to sync all generators together or sync any one of the transformers supplies. The system is capable to automatically switch all sub mains via motorised breakers in the event of an electrical shortage without interrupting the hospital’s operations.
  • Upgraded new consumer mains to each transformer
  • Upgraded new sub mains to each generator

The project was delivered while the hospital remained in operation. The team successfully designed, planned and coordinated the switchboard cutovers without interrupting the normal functioning of the hospital.

All works were completed by December 2019.