Two NECA QLD Awards

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The QLD Chapter of the National Electrical and Communication Association (NECA) held their annual NECA State Excellence Awards for 2022 last Friday.

We are delighted to share Fredon QLD received two State Excellence awards.

QLD State Winner: Green Energy for 80 Ann Street

80 Ann Street was a new Brisbane CBD development that targeted high sustainability benchmarks of a 6 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council, 5 Star NABERS energy rating, 4 NABERs water rating and a Platinum core and shell WELL certification.

To meet the sustainability and environmental criteria, Fredon designed energy saving solutions such as the 130kW solar system that powers the entire building’s base build lighting load. Fredon also designed the lighting system, which not only reduced energy usage but substantially increased the life of the fittings, therefore reducing the raw materials needs for future replacements.

Fredon also introduced a new uniformity test that demonstrated a 20% energy saving on the lighting through step dimming programming.

Read more about our works on 80 Ann Street.

QLD State Winner: Work, Health & Safety – Excellence in Action

Fredon was awarded the Work, Health and Safety award in recognition of their bespoke training and Verification of Competency program, which involved the development of an in-house transportable Testing and Fault-Finding training board.

The transportable testing and fault-finding training board can be energised with 24v through a 240v transformer with multiple faults built-in, which can be altered from session to session.

Since being implemented, our staff have reported having greater understanding and confidence when approaching these tasks, and the team have seen reduced incidents and near misses associated with testing and fault-finding activities.

This training board has also been implemented at other Fredon branches.