International Women’s Day 2024

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This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is Count Her In: Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress, which is achieved by women having equal access to education, employment pathways, financial services, and literacy. Our CEO, Scott Olsen, recognised all of the women in our businesses and their achievements, and contributions to Fredon, Aserve, Sturdie, and our industry.

“Fredon is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce with equal opportunities for all while ensuring a respectful and safe working environment.

“When women are given equal opportunities to earn, learn and lead entire industries and communities thrive.”

“To advance our commitment, we established the Fredon Women’s Network last year. An internal special interest group which provides opportunities and support to enhance the status and influence of women in our industry. The network have chosen to focus on two key areas being Empowerment Training and Promotion and Recruitment, both of which will contribute to accelerating progress for women.”

Thank you to our staff members who shared their thoughts on Investing in Women and Accelerating Progress and their experiences as women working in the construction industry, as well as our Women’s Network for their ongoing focus in this area.

Pam Sutton

Pam Sutton, Customer Service Manager with Sturdie, part of the Fredon Group, oversees a team serving electrical and security clients. She also serves as the Project Administrator for National Electrical Projects.

Pam provides support to the Customer Service Team and liaises daily with the Service & Project Managers. She leads by example and mentor’s other women within the team, encouraging them to build their confidence.

We need to make sure that young girls and women know that they have a voice and can strive for great things, without gender being an obstacle.”

“International Women’s Day is an important reminder that we always need to encourage progression and promote female inclusion and participation.”

Early on in her career, Pam faced challenges while working in a predominately male environment but offered advice to those entering the industry.

“As a young female, I feel I had not quite found my voice or confidence to be seen or regarded as more capable. You have two choices, you can let others dictate who they think you can be, or you can decide who you are and make the choice to be stronger.”

Georgia Gallus

Georgia Gallus is a second-year electrical apprentice working with Fredon Victoria and has firsthand experience working in a traditionally male-dominated field, but the biggest challenge she has faced was entering the industry.


“I was working with hundreds of men in an unfamiliar place, doing something that I know very little about, and starting from the very bottom. It can be very daunting, but I was lucky enough to be surrounded by such kind and caring colleagues who made me feel at ease. My project managers and foreperson were always there supporting me along the way as well.


Georgia acknowledges the struggles women faced in the past, despite her personal experience being positive.

It is important for us to not forget what things used to be like and to actively improve and move forward.


We asked Georgia what this year’s theme, Count Her In: Invest in women, Accelerate Progress, means to her:

Progression in women’s equality and equity is only possible if men are receptive and onboard too. The full effects cannot be felt unless everyone moves forward together. Investing in hiring women is the foundation for progress and the building blocks to allow young females down paths they never thought were possible”.

Rebecca Oxlade

Rebecca Oxlade has been working as a Payroll and Finance Officer for Sturdie, part of the Fredon Group, for the past 7 years. She enjoys the variety in her role as there is no ‘typical day’ and feels she has a voice and is a valued member of the workplace.


Rebecca has two daughters herself and understands the significance of empowering young women to become strong and independent, instilling the belief that anything is possible and that gender should not be a barrier in achieving one’s goals.


Rebecca shared with us what International Women’s Day means to her:

“ It is important to reflect on the progress women have made in the workforce and acknowledge the struggles they have faced. By doing so, we can learn from their experiences and work towards creating positive change for women and girls of all ages.”


She also shared her thoughts on this year’s theme ‘Count Her In: Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress’

“We need to provide more opportunities and support for women to get out there and open that door that would have previously been closed to them.”


“By inspiring others to understand the importance of the inclusion of women and what we can bring to the table we will build a better workplace. If women are offered equal opportunities to earn, learn and lead, companies will flourish. As a woman, to be inspired and included provides a sense of belonging and empowerment and if that happens, anything is possible.”

Toni Clenton

Toni Clenton is an Undergraduate Engineer who has worked with Fredon Air for the past 4 years and will graduate in May. Toni enjoys her varied role, splitting her time between head office and site.


Toni is passionate about celebrating and accelerating women in our industry and shared her views in the lead up to International Women’s Day:

“My generation needs to ensure we continue all the successful work that has been done and continue to elevate women.”


Her experience as an Undergraduate Engineer working in a male-dominated industry is not unique, but highlights how important this year’s theme for IWD is:

“Being the only woman in most spaces, at work and university in a traditionally male-dominated industry has not only been a personal journey but also an opportunity to contribute to the broader advancement of the field.”


“The theme of “Count her in” emphasises the importance of recognising women in spaces and conversations that they have previously been excluded from. By counting women in, everyone can acknowledge the diverse perspectives, skills, and innovative ideas we bring to the table.”


And on advice she has received:

“Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable. This advice has stuck with me, as it is when we are outside our comfort zone, pushing ourselves to new experiences, when we grow.”