WestConnex 3B Rozelle Interchange

Services: Installation, Engineering

Client: JHCPB-JV

Location: Rozelle, NSW

The Rozelle Interchange is an underground motorway interchange connecting the M4 to the Anzac Bridge and the M5 to the City West Link. The Rozelle Interchange also provides an underground bypass of Victoria Road between the Iron Cove Bridge and Anzac Bridge along with a connection to the future Western Harbour Tunnel.

Fredon Infrastructure completed the material supply, installation, and construction verification of the Motorway Tunnel LV Equipment and all associated systems in the mainline tunnel carriageways and associated ramps. Fredon also assisted with the Energisation and Commissioning of the Tunnel Systems in the substations, mainline carriageways, and ventilation shafts up to and including Level 5 Commissioning.

The Infrastructure team had innovated the Design and Fabrication of a Sidewall Cable Ladder Installation Platform. This platform reduced the plant and personnel interface and significantly reduced manual handling requirements while increasing the speed of installation with less labour.

Over the course of this project, Fredon completed:

  • 530,000 Manhours
  • 33,000M Sidewall Cable Ladder
  • 20,000M Crown Cable Ladder
  • 10,849 Electrical Assets
  • 17,059 Cables installed for a total of 984,000M
  • 22,474 Terminations
  • 5,823 Cable Tests
  • Total of 60,472 ITR’s

The team had also developed a project-specific EWP operations awareness course for working at height in the Underground Tunnel Environment which proudly led to 530,000 manhours LTI free.

The interchange was successfully completed in November 2023.