Supporting First Nations at Melbourne Fashion Festival

By March 14, 2024March 27th, 2024No Comments

Fredon were proud to sponsor and support Global Indigenous Runway as part of Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Independent Programme 2024 and an official part of the ASEAN Summit.

A packed crowd experienced a glimpse of this unique fashion experience that celebrated Indigenous creativity and culture from around the world with Ancestral Bloodlines, presented by the world acclaimed Global Indigenous Runway Project.

Models, designers, make-up artists and more were put through their paces as they trained in bootcamp for an entire week preparing for the theatrical presentation that took place on 3 March. The show was part of the PAYPAL Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Independent Programme 2024 and is renowned for delivering stunning designs, captivating performances, powerful cultural expressions, and helping First Nations young people enter meaningful careers.

The program and runway platform was created by Fredon’s very own Social Procurement Lead Tina Eastman whom captivated the audience with her passionate speech, alongside the Lord Mayor Sally Capp and Minister Linda Burney. Tina went on to say

“I envisioned fashion as the bridge connecting tradition with innovation, while fostering cultural pride and economic opportunities for First Nations young people.”

Over 1,800 young people have already benefited from the program that works on building the confidence and self-esteem by introducing First Nations young people in the world of fashion, modelling, photography and more.

The Ancestral Bloodlines show welcomed four ASEAN countries to the runway including the Philippines and Indonesia, making it the biggest show yet. It all took place at the Melbourne Museum Foyer, 11 Nicholson Street at 7:30pm on 3 March.

Photos courtesy of Lucas Dawson and Angelo Rivera.