Murdoch University New Academic Building

Services: Installation, Prefabrication

Client: Multiplex

Location: Perth, WA

Fredon has been engaged to complete the Electrical, Communications, Security and Mechanical services for Murdoch University’s New Academic Building, a four-storey, 130-meter long timber structure designed with the best sustainable solutions. The building incorporates sustainably supplied glulam and cross-laminated timber, and it is designed to achieve a 6-star Green Star Rating.

Fredon’s work on this project will include:

  • Diversions to existing inground HV cabling and infrastructure
  • Installing WiFi and power provisions for external learning spaces
  • Installing flexible DALI lighting control system integrated with AV services and automatic dimming capability to reduce energy consumption.
  • Emergency and egress lighting that will provide live updates through the integrated monitoring system
  • Installing the infrastructure for the innovative Audio Visual Services throughout the facility.
  • Independent Heating hot water Plantroom containing modular electric heat pumps
  • In-floor air distribution for level’s 2, 3, 4 reticulated through Swirl Outlet’s throughout the various learning spaces
  • Heat recovery to outside air intakes
  • FCU’s to individual offices and meeting spaces
  • Independent cooling to Computer room’s
  • Mixed mode ventilation systems to Student hall and student portal spaces
  • Fully integrated BMS system

Fredon will also deliver a Central Chiller Plant (CCP), which will provide 8.4Mw of cooling to the University Campus. 

The team will utilise their prefabrication skills to construct six structural steel modules off-site before delivering them to the university fully fitted out.

The CCP will connect to the existing campus infrastructure providing the capability for future expansion. This link will centralise the plant and will ultimately replace the various existing plant rooms located around the campus. As part of the electrical infrastructure works, Fredon will install new electrical transformers to feed the new CCP.

The New Academic Building and the Central Chiller Plant became operational in 2023.