Tridium Niagara Certification

By September 5, 2023January 31st, 2024No Comments

Fredon have been certified as an authorised System Integrator and Reseller with Tridium Asia. This means Fredon can now offer Tridium Niagara software solutions and hardware and provide all Master Services Integration related to their product. 

This agreement also allows Fredon to resell products to external third-party businesses who have Tridium Niagara Technical Training certifications (Niagara TCP accreditation). Fredon can engineer solutions with our accredited industry partners who can deliver Niagara solutions independently or with Fredon’s support. 

Tridium is the developer of the Niagara Framework, an open platform framework for the development and deployment of truly open platform console solutions. The consoles, often referred to as workstations, are configured to seamlessly connect with real-time operational data using either Tridium’s proprietary Niagara hardware products or third-party automation hardware products. These solutions empower building managers and enterprises to streamline their workflows securely, bridging the gap between connected products and device-to-enterprise applications without the worry of being locked to a specific vendor.

This comprehensive service encompasses a wide range of functions, including monitoring, control, alarming, and event notification, catering to building automation systems and facility managers. It enhances communication and fosters collaboration in diverse settings such as commercial buildings, hospitals, stadiums, data centres, manufacturing systems, and smart cities, among others. This technology contributes to the development of smarter, safer, and more efficient enterprises and communities by enabling data-driven strategies to enhance energy efficiency, security, indoor air quality, and environmental systems. Ultimately, these improvements result in meeting better sustainability outcomes, enhanced occupant comfort and tenant satisfaction and retention.  

Fredon do engineer turnkey integration solutions, but we also focus on the Master Services Integration sector and can work with Building Management System (BMS) companies to provide an overarching Power Monitoring Layer that incorporates Energy Management Systems (EMS), Lighting Control Systems (LCS), Emergency Lighting, Security, Communication networks and more, without competing with existing Niagara installers.

Fredon’s engineered solutions can even provide Power Quality Disturbance Event reporting at millisecond-level resolutions. This enhanced monitoring capability allows us to identify and report both upstream and downstream faults that occur at the time of power quality disturbances as well as view the Power Quality Disturbance waveforms from within the Niagara console. As the developer of this unique EMS diagnostic and reporting tool, Fredon do not sell this as software, it is only available as an integration piece with Fredon. 

Read more about Tridium Niagara here, or contact us to learn more.