Webinar: A Comprehensive Approach To Making Buildings Smart, Healthy & Sustainable

By January 6, 2023No Comments

We are reaching a new age where buildings are not just places that provide a space for people to sit down and work, they are also expected to have powerful mechanisms, promote productivity and wellness, create immersive occupant experiences, and exceed evolving expectations.

But as they serve most of our societal needs, buildings are also held responsible for 39% of global energy consumption and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions – making these built environments a great contributor to climate change.

Buildings must be protected against technical obsolescence, the same way they should also be environmentally responsible, safe, and resource-efficient.

Can you transform a building to become both sustainable, healthy and smart?

Hosted by Fredon and uHoo, this webinar on “A Comprehensive Approach To Making Buildings Smart, Healthy and Sustainable” digs into the uses and importance of smart technologies, and the ways in which the built environment can become even more sustainable by maximizing the opportunities that smart technologies present.

Join us on online for this Free webinar on Tuesday, February 7, at 12.30pm AEDT.