4 NECA State Excellence Awards for Fredon QLD

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The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) held their 2020 -2021 QLD State Excellence and Apprentice Awards on Friday the 20th of August to celebrate the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of the people and businesses in the Electrical and Communication industry in Queensland.

Fredon QLD was in attendance, and we are delighted to share the team were awarded State Winners in four project categories, a Certificate of Commendation in HSEQ and our 4th-year apprentice, Nadine Forbes, received Apprentice of the Year 2021 in the Commercial / Domestic Category.

QLD State Winner: Lighting Design & Installation for CBUS & Suncorp Stadiums

Fredon was recognised for their lighting upgrade works at CBUS Super Stadium and Suncorp Stadium in Queensland.

Fredon removed the old metal arc sport lighting systems at both stadiums and replaced them with 572 Phillips Arenavison 3 LED sports lights and their associated control systems.

The upgrade works at both stadiums took place in a live and fully operational environment, with installations performed at 27 metres and 35 metres above ground along the existing gantry systems for each respective stadium. The project schedules were strict, with no extensions due to scheduled sporting and music events.

Read more about the Lighting Installations at the Stadiums.

QLD State Winner: Industrial Small for Sleeman Water Ramp

The Sleeman Water Ramp is the first type of year-round ski-jumping facility built in Australia for elite skiing athletes, and it was a new type of project untaken by the Electrical team.

Fredon looked at different ski jump models when designing the water ramp’s electrical and control interface components. The team developed two bespoke control panels to control the pool’s aeration system that enabled a soft landing for athletes.

Learn more about the Sleeman Water Ramp project here.

QLD State Winner: Commercial Medium for Redcliffe Hospital Electrical Reticulation Renewal Project

Fredon implemented a whole of life electrical reticulation solution to renew the Redcliffe Hospital’s existing infrastructure.

The works involved installing a new Main Switch Board and either migrating or replacing all electrical supplies with new cabling control. Fredon completed the works while the hospital was live and operational, which also required careful planning of cutovers without interrupting the regular day to day functions of the hospital.

Read more about the project here.

QLD State Winner: Commercial Large for The Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) Hospital

The Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS), previously known as The Specialist Rehabilitation Ambulatory Care Centre (SRACC), is part of the Hertson Quarter health precinct in Queensland.

The team delivered value engineering by reducing UPS system sizes and implementing new pre-terminated DBs, reducing fit-off and commissioning time. Fredon also took the initiative to provide energy-efficient solutions through lighting selection and lighting control systems, despite Green Star or NABERS ratings were not part of the scope.

Read more about the STARS Hospital project here.

Certificate of Commendation: Work, Health & Safety Best Practices

Fredon was recognised for their HSEQ initiatives on the STARS Hospital project.

The major HSEQ initiative implemented was the Trimble system. The system reduced the need for drill into concrete which would have released more silica dust into the air. The system also eliminated 70% of overhead drilling and possible injuries associated with that task.

Other safety initiatives included introducing dust extractor equipment in response to silica dust particles onsite, lifting trolleys to move heavy objects and combining safe spine program exercise at pre-starts to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. The team also introduced fingertip-less gloves used for intricate tasks.

Learn more about Fredon’s work at the STARS Hospital project.

QLD Apprentice of the Year in Commercial / Domestic

Fredon 4th year apprentice, Nadine Forbes, was awarded QLD Apprentice of the Year for the Commercial/ Domestic category.

Nadine was nominated for her demonstrated technical and organisation abilities, determination to learn as much as possible, and willingness to help her fellow peers.

We wish Nadine all the best, as she is in contention for the NECA National Apprentice Awards.